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In nature, zooxanthellae are the photosynthetic algae that live inside coral tissue. This symbiotic relationship gives the zooxanthellae an optimal place to live and thrive, while also providing the coral with critical nutrients. When coral experiences stress it expels all the zooxanthellae and loses its rich color, resulting in coral bleaching.

Zooxanthellae is the solo project of cellist Erin Snedecor, who combines her classical upbringing with electronica, pop, and noise to create introspective instrumental pieces. Much like the organisms for which the project is named, the music of Zooxanthellae examines and marvels at our relationships, shared experiences, and both the colossal greatness and laughable insignificance of the roles we play in the world.

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Pompeii Graffiti is a self-funded, indie rock band from Annapolis, Maryland, formed in the band room of Annapolis High School by dorky music nerds. They feverishly played as many shows as they could in one year and went on hiatus in the fall of 2006 so that members could pursue their college educations.


Realizing after college that they were all still nerds, the group reformed in March 2010 and released their first full length album, "Five Minutes To Midnight" in June 2011.  On August 9th, 2013 Pompeii Graffiti released their second studio album, "ANNAPOLITAN."


On April 8th, 2014 they began releasing their farcical YouTube web series called INTERNET WORLD TOUR, featuring DIY video collaborations with other local bands, songwriters, recording studios, and videographers. The video series later became their third album, released April 29th, 2018. The band's 2022 release, "Ocean Pines" is an audio journey of songs about gun violence, mental illness, and the insanity of the world we live in punctuated by original string quartet preludes. 


As well as performing their own brand of Indie Rock music, PG likes to perform note-for-note covers of their favorite albums. In 2011-2012 PG covered Cursive's "The Ugly Organ" to sold out shows in Annpolis, Baltimore, and Pittsburgh, and in 2012-2013 they covered Neutral Milk Hotel's "In The Aeroplane Over The Sea".

"The choruses are big. The hooks are catchy. And the most important element of a song, the lyrics, never fail. They get flamboyant and they get insightful"

- Trebuchet Magazine

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Balance Campaign is a D.C. based contemporary ensemble passionate about commissioning and premiering new works. Since their start in 2017, the group has been in residence at University of Maryland-Baltimore and the District New Music Coalition.


Balance Campaign is a Washington, D.C.-based contemporary classical ensemble dedicated to commissioning and performing new works by underrepresented women, LGBTQ+, and minority composers, as well as composers with connections to the DC area. Since their start in 2017, the group has been in residence at University of Maryland-Baltimore and the District New Music Coalition, where they curated full programs and workshop new works with students. 


In Fall 2019, Balance Campaign premiered their first commission from Fordham University professor, composer, and Maryland-native, Nathan Lincoln de Cusatis. They are currently working closely with composer Dr. Lexi Bryant-Tavani on a new commission to be premiered in Fall 2023.


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earspace is a contemporary performance ensemble dedicated to creating invigorating multi-sensory performances of music worth believing in. We seek to expose the inherent potentials within every moment and space, cultivating visceral reactions unique to every manifestation. Through our projects, we explore the extremities of contemporary performance and work to bring audiences closer to the music they experience. earspace has performed across the Triangle at CAM Raleigh and less typical venues like the Google Fiber Space, as well as other venues across North Carolina.


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District Strings is a group of classically trained musicians providing versatile and affordable live entertainment for events of all sizes. With musicians based all over the DC area, District Strings serves the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia area.


Since 2013, our ensembles have played weddings, receptions, cocktail hours, parties, church services, corporate events, recording sessions, and more! Whether you need a string trio, string quartet, string duo or a solo performance, we work with you to create the perfect atmosphere for your next event.


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Black Rhinoceros is Ahren Field (guitar/vox) and Erin Snedecor (cello/vox), who write songs with catchy melodies and intricate harmonies that bring a new voice to lyrics about love, friendships, drinking, and science fiction. 


The duo formed in 2013 as an offshoot of their full electric band, Pompeii Graffiti, after arranging the band’s tunes for just cello and guitar when the rest of the band couldn’t make the gig. Since then, their sound has taken on a life of its own, ranging from intimate confessionals to bluegrass jams to all-out rock. Erin and Ahren have appeared on WRNR, WLOY, and WTMD radios, WRNR’s Rockin’ River Cruise, and featured in shows all over the Annapolis, DC, and Baltimore area. Black Rhinoceros’ self-titled EP is available on Bandcamp or at any of their live shows.


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DoubleSpeak is a new quartet of musicians that bring together elements of electronica, classical, and Americana styles to create new timbres in instrumental music. Rather than featuring a frontman backed by instrumentalists, DoubleSpeak writes songs that bring each member's voice to the spotlight, highlighting the diverse background that makes their sound unique. Their first single, Han Shot First, features this new combination with Troy Everett on synth and viola, Nataly Merezhuk on violin and synth, Ahren Buchheister on mandolin, and Erin Snedecor or cello

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